Residental Work

For over 25 years S&K Carey Ltd has been recognized for its high quality service and workmanship and is renowned for producing excellent standards of construction.

Residential Gallery

IMG_0037 IMG_0057 IMG_9011 IMG_9015 IMG_9022 IMG_9028 IMG_9030 IMG_9060 IMG_9085 BACK BEDROOM2 BATHROOM BATHROOM-008 BGARDEN-017 DSCF1470 DSCF1474 Dungarven 11-209to02-2012 Dungarven 11-2009to02-2012 (2) Dungarven 11-2009to02-2012 Dungarven 2007to2008 FRONT BEDROOM FRONT ROOM-006 HALL IMG_9089 IMG_9097 IMG_9105 IMG_9108 KITCHEN-002 MF3-0066 MF155 MF165 MF168 Passage East 2006to2007 (2) Passage East 2006to2007 (3) Passage East 2006to2007 Passage Rast 05-2005to10-2007 Residental Developments 8 Residental Developments 14 Waterford 06-2004to06-2006
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